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  1. #1 The President is correct in using Executive Privilege... 
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    The President is correct in using Executive Privilege...

    there are several posters discussing how this "implicates" him, and how we were outraged when bush did such things. But we would not have been outraged in those cases if bush had exerted those powers in response to a dishonest investigation. The rethugs are refusing to investigate the people who started the program DURING the bush administration. I am glad to see the President do this, now I can only hope that the news media will begin to question those same rethugs as to why they will not question those former officials!
    This is a funny thread. The DUmmies fret over why Obama and Holder are acting suspiciously when everyone knows this is all Bush's fault. Highlarious!
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    The rethugs are refusing to investigate the people who started the program DURING the bush administration.
    Because the question isn't the program in and of itself. The question is how those overseeing the program handled it and why they are trying to cover things up when it was botched by the current administration.
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    They can discuss it all they want, and those dems on the committee can scream all they like

    There are some major differences.

    Bush's operation.......
    1. Involved 300-400 guns, all of which are accounted for.
    2. The Mexican Govt was aware of it, approved it and assisted us in tracking the guns.
    3. Nobody died from those guns, on either side of the border.

    Fast and Furious.....
    1. At least 2000 guns, 1400 of which are still missing.
    2. Mexico was NOT informed of the operation.
    3. One Border Patrolman is dead.
    4. Other F&F guns were found at other crime scenes here in the States.
    5. At least 300 Mexican citizens from children to adults are dead.
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    Maobama knew what he was doing was illegal. He also knows that the Bush administration had nothing to do with Fast & Furious, if it had the documentation would've been brought forward showing as much...

    No, Barry is in CYA mode, BIG-TIME!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Apache View Post
    Barry is in CYC mode, BIG-TIME!

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