Sarah Palin must be destroyed

If the majority of newspaper cartoonists in America decided the outcome of the 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama would be ordained president;

Poor, boring Joe Biden gets primarily ignored except for the rare panel.John McCain to The Old Folks Home; and Sarah Palin Would be Burned at the Stake.

Cartoonists usually just reflect the opinions of others, attempting to find a visual image that elicits a recognition response out of the readers. “Yeah, right!” is the high praise we all seek, as the readers see their thoughts and opinions take graphic form.

The majority of cartoonists are just reflecting that majority liberal view found on so many of the nation's major daily newspapers. Obama's the man -- the sure winner. Bet the farm on it.

Then McCain pulled the rug out from under the juggernaut Obama campaign by selecting the first-term Alaskan governor as his VP choice.

Political pundit Dick Morris says picking Palin was a masterful stroke. He notes the McCain campaign had been considering Palin for several months, but leaked information that McCain was going to pick one of those old white guys who ran against him, Joe Liberman or one of a handful of male GOP governors.

If the Obama camp had learned of the Palin preference, Morris said in one of his recent columns, then a woman would have been named as Obama's running mate. But certainly not Hillary Rodham Clinton.

So sure were the Democrats and their supporters that Obama would vanquish McCain, the turnaround in the polls since Palin's speech at the GOP convention has lead to over-reaction and some pretty hateful stuff.

And the cartoonists are leading the charge in many markets.

Syndicated cartoonists Monty Wolverton, has focused on what he perceives as the Assembly of God doctrine. Palin belonged to that denomination for 26 years, but left several years back to join a non-denomination church.