June 23, 2012
Silvio Canto, Jr.

According to news reports, there are approximately 1 million "dreamers" in the US. They are the young people who came here with their parents and grew up in the US. They are the objects of a huge debate about their future and immigration status.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am sympathetic to finding an arrangement for some of them. However, I found Pres BO's "decree" appalling and wrong. We should not have a president who issues decrees. We don't live in Venezuela, but rather the US where Congress makes immigration laws and presidents enforce them.
It also amazes me how quickly Mexico has given up on these young people. Why isn't the Mexican government inviting them to come home and be a part of a 21st century Mexico? 70% of them are Mexican and have indirect or direct contacts with their families back home.

This is a group who has accomplished quite a lot:

"Nearly 60 percent of those eligible for Obama's new policy (about 800,000) are currently enrolled in K-12 institutions, a quarter of those eligible (about 370,000) are high school graduates or have earned a GED certificate, and more than 15 percent (about 220,000) are enrolled in or have graduated from college, according to recent estimates by the Migration Policy Institute." (HuffPost)

Let me repeat. It is amazing that Mexico does not call on these young people to bring their talents home.
Question: How many Mexicans have high school diplomas? How about adding 200,000 people to the Mexican economy who are enrolled or have graduated from college?

Last, but not least, most of these young people are bilingual, an extremely important skill for a Mexican economy looking to expand internationally.

We ask again: Why isn't Mexico calling on these young people to come home? They are a huge source of talent and would play a key role in a 21st century Mexico.

The young people are already Mexican citizens. They would not require any "papers" to be incorporated into the economy. What's the point of losing this talent to the US?

I am really surprised that Mexico, and Pres Calderon, were so eager to say goodbye to such a talented group of young people.

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The last thing that the Mexican government wants is to have the "dreamers" come home. For one thing, they would compete with the entrenched oligarchy. For another, they would not be amenable to business as usual in a corrupt kleptocracy like Mexico. Finally, they send a lot of money back to their families in Mexico and provide an anchor for further illegals. Eventually, of course, they would become highly productive citizens of Mexico, but in the short term, they would be a destabilizing influence, which is why Calderon is so happy that Obama is keeping them here. The last thing that a corrupt state wants is a million young, energetic people who speak the language, can navigate in the culture, but don't have an entrenched interest in maintaining the status quo.