Also on This Day

Lead Story
Teflon Don sentenced to life, 1992
American Revolution
Commodore Parker prepares for a naval strike on Charleston, 1776
"Mercedes" registered as a brand name, 1902
Civil War
Lee confers with his generals before the Seven Days' Battles, 1862
Cold War
Lyndon B. Johnson meets with Aleksei Kosygin, 1967
Even without the corpse, a murderer is uncovered, 1934
Tornadoes hit West Virginia and Pennsylvania, 1944
General Interest
Nasser elected president, 1956
Klaus Fuchs released, 1959
Batman released, 1989
Michael Shaara, author of The Killer Angels, is born, 1929
Tiffany visits the mall on her way to stardom, 1987
Old West
Frontiersman Martin Sweeny is murdered, 1878
Newspaper reveals Coolidge will be adopted into Sioux tribe, 1927
Nixon signs Higher Education Act, 1972
Haldeman encourages Nixon to ward off FBI, 1973
Title IX enacted, 1972
Vietnam War
Johnson announces new ambassador to South Vietnam, 1964
North Vietnamese encircle Ben Het, 1969
World War I
First Battle of the Isonzo, 1915
World War II
Hitler takes a tour of Paris, 1940