I saw this article surfing the web....get a load of #3 on the list....

3. Current TV

Al Goreís Current TV was on life support even before it fired its only bankable star, Keith Olbermann, in March following a set of battles with the host over his perks. He was replaced by serial talk show host failure Eliot Spitzer. Compared to Olbermannís March figures, Spitzerís ratings in April were down nearly 70%, according to TV audience measurement firm Nielsen. At the time, The Hollywood Reporter wrote, ďReplacement Eliot Spitzer pulled an anemic 47,000 total viewers in the first outing of Viewpoint, with just 10,000 among adults 25-54. The weeks since saw an early rebound, particularly in the demo, but in its four weeks on air Viewpoint has steadily declined in both respects.Ē Reuters recently reported that Current TVís audience had fallen enough that cable giant Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC) may have the right to discontinue carrying the channel. The closest Current TV has to a star is talk show veteran Joy Behar, a former cast member of ďThe View,Ē who had her own show canceled by CNNís HLN in November. Gore does not have the pockets to keep a network with no future going.

heh, that's saying something when your biggest star was Olberdork and now is Joyless Behag.