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    Battle of Little Bighorn, 1876
    American Revolution
    South Carolina Patriot Thomas Tudor Tucker born in Bermuda, 1745
    Last Packard produced, 1956
    Civil War
    Union begins tunneling toward Rebels at Petersburg, 1864
    Cold War
    Korean War begins, 1950
    Congress passes Mann Act, 1910
    Hurricane Audrey hits Gulf Coast, 1957
    General Interest
    Eisenhower takes command, 1942
    Kim Campbell takes office, 1993
    “King of Pop” Michael Jackson dies at age 50, 2009
    Baudelaire's Les Fleurs du Mal is published, 1857
    Teenager Debbie Gibson earns a #1 hit with "Foolish Beat", 1988
    Old West
    Indians defeat Custer at Little Big Horn, 1876
    Eisenhower assumes command of U.S. troops in Europe, 1942
    Joe Louis defeats Jersey Joe Walcott, 1948
    U.S. World Cup team wins unlikely victory over England, 1950
    Vietnam War
    Viet Cong blow up a floating restaurant, 1965
    U.S. Navy turns boats over to South Vietnamese Navy, 1969
    World War I
    Germans release statement on use of poison gas at Ypres, 1915
    World War II
    Lord Louis Mountbatten is born, 1900
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    Thursday June 25 1863

    It seemed like such a logical plan at the time. As the Army of Northern Virginia was moving north on the summer’s great invasion, they knew where they were going. It did not seem that important to have the crack cavalry of Gen. J.E. B. Stuart available to scout ahead. If cavalry were needed, there were other units with the various corps that could do the job.

    Today, Stuart was given permission to detach his force for another “ride-around” intended to loop entirely around the Army of the Potomac, harassing, alarming and confusing them along the way, while picking up any supplies they came across. It would prove to be a terrible mistake, because the Army of the Potomac was on the move as well and Lee had lost his 'eyes.'
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    1921 - Bessie Coleman became the world's first licensed African-American pilot. She was born in Atlanta, TX, on January 26, 1892.

    1864 - In southwest Cameron County, a battle took place between Confederate and Union forces at Las Rusias.

    1909 - Marion O. Boner was born in Cleburne, TX. She went on to become a legal scholar and the first director of the Texas State Law Library.

    1957 - In southwest Louisiana and Texas, Hurricane Audrey killed 390 people. Cameron, LA, was wiped out. (June 25-28)

    1999 - The San Antonio Spurs beat the New York Knicks to win their first National Basketball Association championship.
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    The Battle of Little Big Horn, which was listed in the first post, is a perfect example of lousy luck.

    Not for Custer. For Sitting Bull! Look at the date. June, 1876. By the time word got back to Washington that the 7th Cav had been wiped out by a band of savages, the nation was busy getting ready for the biggest celebration in its history - the Centennial Celebration of The United States of America!

    I wasn't there for the Centennial, but I was there for the Bi-Centennial, and it was BIG, BIG, BIG! The Centennial must have been something like that, maybe even bigger. And then here comes Sitting Bull and craps all over it.

    It didn't turn out real well for the winners of The Battle of Little Big Horn.
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