Lead Story
U.S. begins Berlin Airlift, 1948
American Revolution
Delaware Patriot Caesar Rodney dies, 1784
Congress approves Federal Highway Act, 1956
Civil War
Rebels strike Union at the Battle of Mechanicsville, 1862
Cold War
Berlin Airlift begins, 1948
A serial killer preys upon a woman out for a drive, 1957
Lightning strikes in Luxembourg, 1807
General Interest
Conqueror of the Incas assassinated, 1541
U.N. Charter signed, 1945
St. Lawrence Seaway opened, 1959
Clinton punishes Iraq for plot to kill Bush, 1993
Former U.S. Senator Strom Thurmond dies, 2003
Gone with the Wind re-released in United States, 1998
Pearl Buck's birthday, 1892
Sonny and Cher's divorce becomes final, 1975
Old West
Reno takes command of 7th Cavalry, 1876
President John Tyler weds his second wife, 1844
Kennedy claims solidarity with the people of Berlin, 1963
Babe Didrikson born, 1911
Vietnam War
Westmoreland given authority to commit U.S. forces, 1965
U.S. aircraft shifted to Thailand, 1972
World War I
First U.S. troops arrive in France, 1917
World War II
Turkey declares nonbelligerency, 1940
U.N. Charter is signed, 1945