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    So how did your pets do last night???

    Our new Bella was fine but she started to get a little upset since Darlene our other
    Greyhound was freaking out.

    Darlene was a basket case but not as bad as other years. We had the TV on loud and
    that seemed to help...
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    I have an OLD cat. He's a veteran of July 4ths and street fights and any other rough and tumble thing you can imagine. He just wakes up at the first boom, looks around, lays back down. I think he figures "if this is it, then I better get a nap in first".
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    One of our two dogs is absolutely terrified of fireworks and in our area they are allowed for four days and nights, so every year we plan a trip to a state where they are illegal........this year we did the Mississppi River museums in Iowa and Illinois......just got back last night.

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