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Is this a complaint? What is the bad part of this tax distribution?

Are you saying it's a regressive tax? I thought Republicans loved regressive taxes that fall on the working class more than the wealthy.
Are you saying it's unfair? If the tax is regressive, then the people who will benefit from it the most will pay a larger portion of it.

Or are you saying it's a progressive tax and that's unfair?
Who gives a crap what you label it? It is a tax we did not ask for or approve of. It is a TAX forced on us by a repressive government made up entirely of DIMoRATS. It is a control on the population that was never allowed for under the Constitution and despite the idiots on the bench-UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

A tax under any other name is still a tax.

Now that Big Brother can tell you what you have to spend your money on, the flood gates of repression will open wide. Wait until you are refused your next hemorrhoid operation and then come back here and sing the praises of DHimmyCARE.