Occupy national gathering, ACT UP protest in Center City.

I heard these kooks were going to have a "National Gathering" in Philly around July 4. I never really heard much more. Here are snippets from today's article in one of our local papers:

About 60 protesters from Occupy and ACT UP
60 Occupukes at a National Gathering? Wow. The entire city is shut down because of them.

Occupiers had planned to join them, but got tied up when lunch was late at their encampment in Franklin Square. The delay lengthened when a Ben & Jerry's truck arrived at the camp to hand out free ice cream.
Seriously, do I even need to comment on the absurdity? LMAO.

We can't protest if it gets in the way of our free shit.

The ACT UP protesters were demanding a "Robin Hood Tax" on derivatives trades to raise money for the care, housing and other services for AIDS patients.

The march came on the penultimate day of Occupy's five-day National Gathering. The event has been carefully choreographed and largely civil. A couple dozen people were arrested Sunday night during a protest outside the Convention Center, but police, legal observers and protesters said that was a fringe group that departed from the larger Occupy strategy.
I didn't even know they were in town. If I still worked in Center City I would have but this has been a non-event.

With Occupy nearing its one-year anniversary, many have complained that an ever-widening array of issues might dilute the group's effectiveness. The sheer number of attendees and events, one organizer said, was making it difficult to keep events like today's march on track.
In other words, we're asking for so much free shit we can't keep track of all the free shit we're asking for.

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