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    Quote Originally Posted by Eyelids View Post
    it will take 10 years to get oil from ANWR to your engine. I dont want to wait 10 years for the calvary to come.

    Yep and you libs have been saying that for MORE than 10 years!!!! How long are we going to listen to idiots saying "it'll take 10 years before we get any oil"???

    If we hadn't listened to the leftist idiots we WOULD HAVE the oil TODAY - and not just ANWR. We would be paying @ $2.00 a gallon for gasoline if we had simple ignored the idiots on the left and drilled where we have the oil.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AmPat View Post
    So in your small little mind this possibility will fix all the USA problems? There is a good reason we have a bicameral legislature. I suggest you be careful what you wish for.

    Back to the topic; windfall profits will do nothing but take money out of your shallow pocket and put it in two places.
    1. Gov't hands to be further wasted by Congress critters and
    2. Those "EVIL" oil companies.

    Do you honestly think the Oil companies will absorb a punitive tax and say "Oh well, we tried to gouge you and you guys stuck it to us?"

    The punitive windfall profits tax will pass to consumers quicker than crap through a goose. Really Junior, demand a refund from your college for the failed attempt to educate you.
    That was already tried in CA; the voters defeated it because the legislation stated that the increase could not be passed on to the consumer. I guess the voters opened their eyes and saw the government for what it was. Money grabbers and liars. Liberals and blacks like Eyellids closed are so damn stupid.
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