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Keep it cool. And you should be alright. Heat, dust and lint (and sometimes animal hair, fur) are biggest enemies of laptops. It can add up over the years.
very true...though I've seen computers running with YEARS of caked on dust and cig ash so go figure on that one

I've owned 4 Toshiba laptops (build my own desktops). The only major problems I've had is from the kids knocking them off the couch and shoving the powercord in breaking the peg off. Mine still works but had to get the wife a new one. mine is running hot for some reason, but I'm not sure what is going on.

Check Newegg (by far my first choice for comp parts) and Walmart/Best Buy. If you go in knowing what you are looking for at Best Buy, you wont get sold some POS that isn't worth the money.