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Obama Administration to Spend $20 Million on Green Energy Plan – For Africa

The U.S. government is spending $20 million to “help clean energy projects in Africa get started.” Those projects include wind farms and solar panels, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced at the recent Rio +20 Conference in Brazil.

But the government watchdog Judicial Watch criticized the spending as wasteful, given the administration’s track record in trying to pick green energy winners. >>>

Tom Fitton, president of the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, told that “governments are particularly incapable of ascertaining how to allocate private capital. Exhibit A: Solyndra.”

Solydra was a solar cell company based in California that received a $535-million loan guarantee from the Energy Department, through the 2009 economic stimulus act. Two years later, Solyndra, which had been personally visited and praised by President Obama, declared bankruptcy. At least 12 green energy firms that received about $6.5 billion from the administration now face financial troubles, according to CBS News, with at least 5 companies declaring bankruptcy.

Judicial Watch, in a statement, questioned the $20 million plan for Africa at a time when “the U.S. economy remains in shambles and a relentless unemployment crisis grips the nation,” adding that “the allocation comes less than 2 years after the administration dedicated $50 million to replace ‘inefficient cook stoves’ contributing to climate change and deforestation in developing countries.” >>>

As for the administration trying to mobilize private investment in clean energy and sustainable development, Fitton said “it is all based on dubious science and ideology. It has nothing to do with the needs of the people of Africa, whose needs often get short shrift to social planning and environmental extremism.”



I like the cartoon, but a better alternative: add a fat-yet-well-heeled passenger labeled ‘crony capitalist’, label the pusher ‘taxpayer’, and have 0bama telling the guy pushing the car he’s not doing his ‘fair share’. Also: add a ball and chain to the pusher labeled ‘$15T debt’.

There, fixed.