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  1. #1 The GOP is one of the most dire threats this country has ever faced 
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    Here's a few "gems" from DU.

    Hugabear (8,765 posts)

    The GOP is one of the most dire threats this country has ever faced

    And yes, that includes threats such as the Confederacy, Nazi Germany, USSR, and terrorism.

    The GOP, if left to their own devices, would absolutely devastate this country. There would be no middle class. Just the wealthy, and the near-slaves to support them. Honestly, I'm sure they would reinstate slavery given the chance.

    Their attitude toward the poor and needy in this country is appalling. Given their way, there would be absolutely no assistance at all. Starvation would become common in many areas. Diseases once thought to be contained to Third World countries would rear up. Hospitals would demand payment up front (some already do), those who can't pay are SOL.

    We already know how they feel about climate change. They are prepared to kill the planet just to fill their coffers. They know climate change is occurring, but hope they can confuse the population into not taking action.

    The GOP would do what 200+ years of foreign and domestic enemies could never do.
    villager (17,828 posts)

    53. Yes, the Republican party is sociopathic. And sociopaths are good at bullying and manipulating...others into submission. Hence their power over their "base..."
    Obama's bullying.......bypassing congress and setting EPA standards, defacto amesty and on and on.......aren't bullying.....because they agree with it.

    Flatulo (3,170 posts)

    60. And yet, the Right considers the Left to be crazy as well.

    That's the problem with this kind of thinking - its highly subjective.

    What, is one half of the country going to institutionalize the other half every eight years?

    I, for one, don't think all or even most RW'ers are crazy. I think that the majority of them have simply fallen for oversimplified sound bites as solutions to complex problems (close the borders, cut taxes, get the government off my back, etc), and maybe more than a smack of racism as regards Mr. Obama.
    villager (17,828 posts)

    64. What the right does is "projection," which is part and parcel of the syndrome

    Instead of imagining both sides as "the same," look at the policies advocated and put in place by the right -- the cruelty of them, etc. Look at the rhetoric they use on their talk shows, in their public threats, etc.

    Part of dealing with them effectively is by calling them what they are: sociopaths.
    Jessy169 (9 posts)

    17. Make that "Christian extremist and other certifiable Sociopaths united"

    I believe the driving force behind the rise of the GOP sociopathic party is the extreme Christian right-wing. They don't believe in global warming or other science that conflicts with their "moral" agenda. They see only evil and corruption when they look outside of their windows, but we all know from the millions of Yahoo and other posts by these whackos that they are merely projecting their own psyches onto others. They are racist, bigoted, full of hate and anger. Very few of them are very smart or even educated beyond high school, but they think they know it all. Lying is what they do, non-stop, whether they realize it or not. Their agenda is to impose through Federal law their "moral values" on the rest of the nation. Since they truly believe that they are on a mission from God, they believe that winning through dirty tricks, lies, threats or any other form of sub-f*ckery is A-OK -- it is God's will, and God is on their side. And since they can't win with just the religious right-wing vote, they have activated the "truly sociopathic and angry haters" segment of society through propaganda, lies, hot-button issues or whatever other means they can think up. Now, here they all are, the Republican Party, with their man Mitt Romney just a few stolen votes away from the Presidency where he and his Mormon/Christian right-wing extremists can -- and will -- cook up all kinds of drama. Dangerous times are upon us, whether we like it or not.
    Well, Jessy will fit right in with the rest of the Christian haters.
    Jessy169 (9 posts)

    52. Not all, but many

    While it is no doubt true that not all Republicans are evil or psychologically deranged, the fact remains that many of them are, and by all appearances it is even rational to conclude that most of them are. One needs only to read the thousands of obnoxious, racist, lying and hating posts on Yahoo and other boards by right-wing zealots to develop a logical basis for that opinion. And it isn't just the Republican base voters that are daily pumping out evidence of their psychological derangement. Recently we witnessed a three-ring circus in Congress with Issa and the congressional Republican leadership pushing the Big Lie called the Fast and Furious Scandal to a vote, with ALL Republican congress members voting lock-step in support of that Big Lie. Political theatre, definitely. But there is something a little evil and psychologically deranged going on, in my opinion, when such blatant lies are utilized by the Republicans to achieve political goals. What about Rush Limbaugh -- how many lies and obnoxious assaults on common decency do we get from him? How many Republicans are standing up to call out Limbaugh for his lies and verbal manure? Answer: one or two at most, sometimes, but most of the time none. The whole Republican Party is floating on an ocean of LIES, supporting them either directly or indirectly by passively allowing them to go unchallenged. So, back to the main question. Are all Republicans sociopaths, or evil, or psychologically deranged? Most likely not, but it is entirely logical to form the opinion that the Republican Party as a whole IS sociopathic, or at the very least evil and/or psychologically deranged.
    Speaking of obnoxious, racist, lying, and hating posts......

    One thing you can't acuse liberals of is being self aware.
    Laelth (12,559 posts)

    4. I disagree re. slavery.

    What the GOP has now is better than traditional slavery. Now they get to work poor people to death, but they don't have to provide the poor people with housing, food, and medical care (as was required for traditional slaves). What's more, people line up, these days, just for a chance to work themselves to death. Who needs slavery when people will volunteer for abuse?

    pwhtckll (13 posts)

    31. They live in an echo chamber

    The best thing Democrats can do is present a narrative that challenges the validity of theirs, but they have always been better at staying on message than we are. If we stopped letting them drive the public conversation, if we presented our own talking points to counter theirs, then we would go a long way towards pushing back.
    pwhtckil is another one that will fit right in spewing hatred in their echo chamber.

    These are the threads that are good to send to swing voters to inform them what the liberal base is really like.
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    That's a whole lotta Stupid going on!
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
    Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
    Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!
    21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes
    And clever in their own sight! Isaiah 5:20-21 NASB

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    "The GOP is one of the most dire threats this country has ever faced"

    Yeah right. If you consider being whipped with a wet noodle or an angry glance across the aisle or having some lame rhetoric thrown about at you as a dire threat... then you might be right. These guys are a real threat.

    Just dont put them into a wet paper bag. Youve been warned!
    Liberalism is just communism sold by the drink.
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