If I'm at work or in a professional (or semi professional) situation, I don't like males talking about "tits" and "ass", among other terms. This goes for straight and gay men. In my experience, straight men are more sensitive to their language and are more polite in such situations. Gay men, on the other hand, feel free to say things like "Nice tits!" or "Your boobs look great in that shirt" in the same situations. To me this is just wrong and makes me very uncomfortable.

Now this is just professional situations, not those among friends or lovers. What amazes me is that gay men are always trying to demonstrate to the world that they are really men but when they get with women, they think the rules don't apply to them. They can even be openly misogynistic and not feel a thing about it. However, if I were to say anything against their lifestyle (which I don't--ever) I could be admonished, censured, or lost my job for being a homophobe.

Any thoughts? How do women here feel about this?