LOL. The left sure has problems with reality don't they? Made up TV stories are considered "true". This isn't the first TV show they have been infatuated with claiming it portrays the "truth".

FarLeftFist (6,063 posts)

The Newsroom is making the MSM look like FOOLS.

When a fictional tv show does more hard hitting investigative & truthful journalism about the radical right-wing in 3 episodes than the entire MSM has done in the past decade you know the MSM has reached a new loooow.
ocd liberal (342 posts)

4. Just watched the third one last night

I stood up and gave it a standing ovation!!
nadinbrzezinski (106,047 posts)

8. That is why you should find, and chiefly support,

indie journalism at this point. To think that the big boys will go against their corporate bosses is crazy.

National Reader Supporter News or truth out are your two best bets right now

If you can afford to throw a few bucks to your local (in my case it would be the East County Magazine), we'd love you too.

It is time to realize the big boys are NOT going to do that... so we need to grow an alternate, independent media.

I mean, covering things like fires runs us gas and time, and well gear.

Covering hard hitting investigative pieces takes TIME, and resources are thin at best.
global1 (9,328 posts)

9. Jane Fonda Appeared In Episode 3, As I Recall She Was Married To Ted Turner......

I think around the time he owned CNN. Fonda plays Leona Lansing the CEO of Atlantis World Media, the parent company of ACN (Atlantis Cable News).

I'm wondering if she brought any personal touches to her role in the Newsroom from actual events that happened to Turner and her during this period.

In the program she is putting pressure on the President of the News Division - Charlie Skinner- played by Sam Waterston - to have Will McAvoy the anchor played by Jeff Daniels to ease up on the political commentary and banter because it could make life uncomfortable for her in her dealings with the politicians in Congress.

Episode 3 came down real hard on the Tea Party - and rightly so. They said things that weren't said on the run-up and the outcome of the 2010 elections where the Tea Party hijacked the Repug party.

What a great show. Can't wait for the future episodes. Sorkin is a genius.

But I would really like to get some comments from Jane Fonda on her role in this show and if she brings anything to the table because of her marriage to Ted Turner.
Esse Quam Videri (351 posts)

11. Just watched episode three last night

Man did they give it to the teabaggers and Koch Bros. Makes me have a smidgen of hope that there are some repugs who are sickened by what has become of their party.
What a surprise. Leftists create a TV show spewing all the left wing propaganda, talking points, bigotry and hate and the leftists that watch it cry in ecstasy because it confirms everything they believe therefore it's the truth.