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  1. #1 Wasserman-Schultz Has Unreported Second Home in NH 
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    DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign team have been waging a coordinated effort against Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney by repeatedly casting aspersion on the length of his tenure at Bain Capital as well as the limited disclosure of his past personal income tax returns.

    As per congressional disclosure rules, Wasserman Schultz is not required to report either her personal residence or additional properties that do not generate rental income. If Wasserman Schultz were to release her personal income tax returns as requested by her Republican congressional opponent Karen Harrington, these assets would then be disclosed.

    Why was this not-so incidental piece of information never discovered? Wasserman Schultz signs her name on legislative documents using “Debbie Wasserman Schultz,” but when she signs public records that require her legal signature, Wasserman Schultz signs her name “Deborah Schultz.”

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    The double standard is just pissing me off...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bailey View Post
    The double standard is just pissing me off...
    An old saying about Democrats still stands: "If it weren't for double-standards, Democrats would have no standards at all."

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