Also on This Day

Lead Story
Atom bomb successfully tested, 1945
American Revolution
Anthony Wayne earns nickname, 1779
World's first parking meter installed, 1935
Civil War
Draft riots continue to rock New York City, 1863
Cold War
United States conducts first test of the atomic bomb, 1945
An army doctor is accused of stabbing his family to death, 1979
Earthquake wreaks havoc in the Philippines, 1990
General Interest
First Catholic mission in California dedicated, 1769
Apollo 11 departs Earth, 1969
JFK Jr. killed in plane crash, 1999
Funnyman Will Ferrell born, 1967
Catcher in the Rye is published, 1951
Tommy James and the Shondells are rescued from oblivion by their #1 hit "Hanky Panky", 1966
Old West
Lewis and Clark help form Missouri Fur Company, 1808
Congress declares Washington, D.C., new capital, 1790
Bush unveils strategy for homeland security, 2002
Durocher leaves Dodgers to manage Giants, 1948
Vietnam War
McNamara visits South Vietnam, 1965
Senate begins investigations into secret bombing of Cambodia, 1973
World War I
Romanov family executed, 1918
World War II
Marshal Petain becomes premier of occupied France, 1940
The first atomic bomb test is successfully exploded, 1945