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If you'd shelve your love for yourself for two seconds, you'd get an education. You are missing the point. "WE" are not voting for anything with an R by its name as proof that we are in the bag for the GOP. WE are voting to get rid of that bastard Marxist in the WH. That is why we will join ranks and vote GOP. We are honest enough to admit that Romney is not our choice. He is the only option to rid the nation of the filth occupying the WH.
Well said. I've stated that I'd vote for our hound dog, lovely black greyhound Darlene, before I'd vote for Obama. I'm not thrilled with Romney and am angry with the choice that we have, but I sincerely believe that Obama must not have a second term. I think Obama and his outrageous policies will in the end unite the Republicans and some Independents to oust the community organizer from office.

I remember during the last election when many on this board said that it would be better for Obama to win and to prove how wrong he was than to elect the RINO, McCain. Look where that has gotten this country. Sort of like the old, old song, "Another day older and deeper in debt". I think that was an old "mining" song sung on those late night informercials selling those golden oldies. Sometimes we need to listen to those old nuggets of wisdom.