Get Ready to Pay Online Sales Tax

A price break for online shoppers may be ending soon, with growing support for sales taxes on purchases made on the internet. This means many online shoppers would pay at least 5 percent more than they do today. Republicans in Congress have joined Democrats to support a bill that would give states authority to force Amazon, eBay, and other online companies to collect sales taxes. Now, says The Wall Street Journal, Republican governors “eager for new revenue to ease budget strains, are dropping their longtime opposition to imposing sales taxes on online purchases.” The Journal calls it “a significant political shift” that could lead to a change in federal law. Brick-and-mortar retailers have long argued that they face an unfair price disadvantage. But the change amounts to a tax hike for many consumers.



So the bend over party of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are 'testing the waters' again. Why no cuts? Ohhh thats right .... that would be a conservative value. And last I checked conservatives or conservatism is 'radical'. On a par with 'terrorism'. We wouldnt want the GOP to be saddled with that monicker would we? Nooo.... /s