I think he's finally waking up to the Idea that in politics history shows nice guys DO finish last. McCain and Dole are classic examples. he's losing the street war with Obastard. time for him to put on the brass knuckles, grab a baseball and knock that cocksuckers brains out. Obozos' got more dirt under his nails than a mafia chieftain.

Mitt Romney is Firing Back- BIG TIME

Many Conservatives were still wondering:

"When is Mitt going to fight back? I mean, really unload on Barack HUSSEIN Obama and give him what for?"

I think we've seen bits-n-pieces of that over the last 4-6 weeks, but in this Rally speech in Pennsylvania on July 17th, 2012 Romney really lets go-

Here's the video, it's the entire speech, but it is all good, and with passion-


the vids almost 30 mins