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Bill Nye the Obama Guy

Bill Nye, that quirky science guy of 1990s TV fame, is taking his colorful bow ties and sweet science tricks on the road as another famous face of the Obama campaign.

Nye made a three-stop tour through New Hampshire this week touting the president’s education policies and pushing for science and engineering programs.

“This is the most important election of my life and I believe we’re at a crossroads, a turning point,” Nye told the Fosters Daily Democrat. “We can either move forward, especially in education, or backward. I think voters have a clear choice, so I’m supporting the president.” >>>

Nye is a long-time Obama supporter and has been a special guest at both of the White House Science Fairs. After shaking hands with the president at the 2010 science fair, Nye told Politico that the president had to “stay the course.”



Ive heard that he privately tells everyone that "global warming" is caused by man. And he denies the existence of God and pushes evolution to the exclusion of any alternative theories. He's apparently a full on card carrying leftist. Who knew?