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  1. #1 FUN with Obama's Speech this morning,Obama Tied to CEO's 
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    FUN with Obama's Speech this morning,Obama Tied to CEO's

    Watch the video... "It must be designed. Uh It must not be designed. The recklessness of some of these executives has.. has uh helped to cause this mess. Even as they walked away with billion dollar.. uh multi-million dollar golden parachutes.. uh while taxpayers are left holding the bag. Those who benefit are uh.. uh expected to contribute. CEO's and Executives got reckless. uh lobbyists got what they wanted. How to modernize our system. Brueprint.. uh.. Blueprint. The answer is no.. uhhh. He.. He.. Here's how. Do higher taxes make sense at this time? Alright.. uh uh good question. it.....

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    I am willing to bet money that SnObama can't wipe his butt right, without a teleprompter.

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