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    These are the same people who still hold as gospel that Michael Moore got a free rifle simply by opening up a bank account at a certain bank when in truth in order to get the rifle you have to go through an extensive background check. In fact, Bowling for Columbine is pretty much 2 hours worth of lies. But people like these DUmmies take is as gospel.
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    I wish the graphic about 'if it's an Arab it's terrorism' were true. That SHOULD be the case because most of the time it is. This movie theater shooting was terrorism too. Leave it to the DUmmies to make different groups.
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    I have bought lot's of guns at gun shows without a background check, so what. Until the law is changed I will continue to do so thank you very much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FlaGator View Post
    I have never purchased a weapon from a dealer at a gun show that didn't do the background or who didn't make me wait 3 days to pickup a hand gun I purchased.
    Three days? You need to go to North Carolina to get them, my good sir.
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