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    Random Act of Kindness: Strangers Hoist Disabled Boy in the Air So He Can See the Stage at Blake Shelton Concert
    Country singer Blake Shelton is Patrick Connelly’s favorite, so when he had the opportunity to see the music star at an outdoor concert, he was ecstatic. Connelly suffers from disabilities that cause him to be wheelchair-bound. His excitement quickly turned to deep disappointment when Connelly’s wheelchair kept him from seeing Shelton on stage amidst the crowd.

    His heartbreak was apparent when he began to cry and despite efforts by his mom and sister to hoist him up, the blistering heat was almost too much to take. That’s when two strangers offered to help and lifted Connelly up in his wheelchair, even carrying him all the way to the front of the stage where he got to shake Shelton’s hand. After the concert, Connelly was able to go backstage and meet Shelton.
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    Saw that on the news. Makes one proud to be an American. The look on that kids face made my eyes leak ..A little.
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    Everyday heroes. Their contributions may be small, but their impact is priceless. Just imagine what this world would look like if everyone just took a day to go out into their community, look around, and ask, "What's something positive I can do for just one person today?"
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