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    Better up the budget guys and gals!!

    "In an effort to make good on President Barack Obama’s commitment to “green energy,” the United States Air Force spent $639,000 on 11,000 gallons of alcohol-to-jet fuel from Gevo Inc., a Colorado biofuels company, at $59 a gallon.
    The cost of petroleum is presently $3.60 a gallon."


    "As it turns out, one of the venture capital funders behind Gevo Inc. is Vinod Khosla. Since 1996, reports that Mr. Khosla has made $474,534 in campaign donations, 86 percent of which went to Democrats."


    Over the waves.......

    "This week, the Navy embarked on a costly and pointless exercise—using "advanced" biofuels that cost $26 per galon in some naval exercises. At a time when the federal budget and military budgets are tight, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus claims that it is important to spend millions of dollars on an exotic biofuel to "enhance our national security." That is ridiculous. Spending $26 a gallon on exotic biofuel does not "enhance natural security" as it reduces our security by wasting taxpayer's dollars on yet another renewable boondoggle and diverts funds from necessary readiness."
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    November can't get here fast enough!
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    yea! Hurry up November!
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    I find myself idly wondering how much fuel this turbine powered 43 knot speedster uses......
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