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    My name is Benjamin Parish. I'm a 23 year old college student, from South Central Pennsylvania.

    I'd like to introduce myself by giving some kind of a self-analysis of what I am about.

    I'm an advocate for a strong national defense, but feel as though we waste our resources too often throughout the world. This is not to say that I dont support the citizens of this nation supporting other countries, its just that I dont like the idea of us doing it through our government. It seems wrong. This is not to speak ill of treaties, rather us financing other countries with aid, and military support (outside of an imminent threat to our allies, in which case we must honor our treaties and stand by their side).

    This leads me into my opinion on our having so many military bases throughout the world: I believe that if we were to bring many of our soldiers home, ridding our presence in those countries that we were to leave, that many jobs would come home with them; as I believe that the only reason that many corporations are in some of these countries, is because they know that they have the unwavering support of The United States military (The United States as a whole). They would not stay in some of these countries without our support (I do believe). Also, this is not to mean that we must lay-off any off our troops, or even significantly cut military spending, rather I believe that we should relocate our finances to the pockets of our soldiers, retirees. Though, all in all, if we were to bring many of our troops home to defend our nations borders, rather than the borders between many other countries, then we would be able to cut some military spending, which would go along way in bi-partisanship.

    I also, believe that we need to significantly cut federal spending. A transition would need to occur, though, for this to happen. States should be able to opt out of programs, as well as the individuals of our nations. Its time for the 9th and 10th amendments to the U.S. Constitution to mean something again.

    I also feel that our government is getting out of control in regard to respecting the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th amendments respectfully.

    I'll cut this short, acknowledging that I'm willing to elaborate, if one wishes me to.

    Also, I really like the format here. It fits me.

    Hope to enjoy my stay.
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