How is everyone? I am a frequent visitor of the Cave and heard a lot of good things about this place, so I thought I would come and say hello.

My username there is Kyle Ricky. For some reason I couldn't use it here, so I went with my regular name used.

who I am?

Well I am an independent / social conservative. I always been an independent, but became social conservative when I was 're-saved' seven years ago. I voted for Clinton both times, voted for Bush both times, and in 2008 I wrote in myself. I also voted for Bush Sr. during a civics event we were having when I was in high school.

As for my views?

I am a God loving, Israel loving, baby loving, flag loving, country loving, troop loving, freedom loving, 1st and 2nd amendment loving, legal citizen loving, small government loving, business loving, truth loving (all things the liberals hate) conservative. I am sure there are more that I forgot :)

I hope to have a good time here. It will be great to talk you all.

Thank You, and God bless you.