Because I certainly am!!!!!

And at the moment I have a howling toothache, and I know I don't deserve any sympathy.

A filling in one of my molars fell out and took half the tooth away with it ... about six months ago, can you believe? ... and is finally bothering me!

I know, I know, this can impact heart health. Finally told Mr. ABC to make an appt. with *his* dentist for me, as soon as possible. He goes all the time for check-ups, teeth cleaning ... you name it ... plus he plays tennis with the guy!

Am too embarrassed to go back to my own ... which I *might* explain later on. ...

Until then, since his "wonderful" guy's office is CLOSED today, am putting on another dollup of Extra Strength Oragel in the gaping great hole!

Please, please, tell me that I am not the only one in here who is such a coward!

I would rather go through the *fun* of childbirth again ... and it was no picnic ... than to face a trip to the dentist's office! (need a smiley for blushing in here!)

~ One-chicken-hearted-ABC