Oh my!

Did I ever speak too soon earlier on in here when I wrote that am doing "fine" on the Oragel.

I am truly not one to complain ... especially to *strangers* online! Love CU, but don't know any of you personally. No insult intended.

But at the moment, I desperatately need a DISTRACTION to get through this "exquisite" pain ... which I do deserve for being such a fool to not go to the dentist sooner.

The words "exquisite pain" bring back funny memories from a long ago party in a frat house that Mr. ABC and I attended ... of a lefty, artist friend of ours in Canada. A total dingbat, but a very good artist.

I had a whopping great headache at the time ... and he told me to "embrace" it ... "pain is what makes you feel alive" or some such ridiculous words. Could have hit him, but didn't.

Oh Mercy! Would *now* if I had it to do it over!

Monday can not come soon enough. Am about ready to take a pair of pliers and rip the blinking tooth out myself!!!

Nevermind ... Mr. ABC has just given me a shot of brandy and I took an aspirin 20 minutes ago ... should work I think, crossing fingers!

Enough of this, all for now ~ ABC