mystieus (732 posts) Wed May-28-08 08:37 PM
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Cynthia McKinney Close to Clinching Green Party Nomination
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Cynthia McKinney now has the support of over 50% of the delegates to the Green Party national convention who have been chosen so far. Although not all state Green Parties have chosen their delegates, most of them have, so it is very likely that she will obtain the nomination. The national convention is July 10-13 in Chicago. This post originally said she had clinched the nomination, but that was not accurate. /
The Greens have a convention? Think of the carbon footprint that leaves when they could just have a big meeting onthe Internets.:eek:

bluestateguy (1000+ posts) Wed May-28-08 08:39 PM
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2. One of the nuttiest, whiniest, wackjob members of Congress of my lifetime

Occam Bandage (1000+ posts) Wed May-28-08 08:40 PM
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4. I'm glad she's running against the Dems now. We can mock her with impunity.

CalGator (323 posts) Wed May-28-08 08:45 PM
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9. by "us" she means members of her family?
I am amazed the Greenies would nominate a complete whiney anti-Semite, but then again Nader wasn't too mentally stable either.

Wolsh (1000+ posts) Wed May-28-08 08:43 PM
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8. She was one of the most divisive members of congress
How would she have bridged any divide?

hnmnf (1000+ posts) Wed May-28-08 08:49 PM
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13. Nothing says bridging racial divides like crying racism when you forget your ID.

Wolsh (1000+ posts) Wed May-28-08 08:42 PM
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7. I really dislike this anti-semite

genna (275 posts) Wed May-28-08 08:51 PM
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15. I know she lost her seat in GA. When did she leave the Democratic party?

Zambero (802 posts) Wed May-28-08 08:54 PM
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17. I'm not sure exactly when, but her departure was worth celebrating
The Capitol Police don't miss her much either!