Just saw this on local news. Lori Saldana (D) was saying that the problem with the CA budget (and the 80 plus days to took to get one this year) was due to the the 2/3 majority needed for passage. Unfortunately for Saldana, the 2/3 majority is the only thing keeping California from just adding whatever taxes they feel like.

For those that don't know California politics, we have a Democratic majority at the state level and the way the districts have been drawn up has led to a long term Democratic majority. The Republicans are a minority party and their only real power comes during the budget debates when they can hold out (like they did this year) and prevent extra taxes from being added to the CA taxpayer's already heavy burden. The 2/3 majority means that at least some Republicans have to vote with Democrats to get a budget passed.

We are, I believe, the highest taxed state in the nation when you count up all the different taxes. Our sales tax rate is 7.25% and localities may add extra tax to that up to a total of 8.75%. This year, the State government wanted to add additional sales tax, and it was only the Republicans (and their power through the 2/3 majority) that stopped it.

Now Saldana is talking about putting a proposition on the ballot to take away the 2/3 majority. If that happens, there will be no limit. If it remains, the Republicans can still resist and maybe talk about spending caps, although they have yet to get that discussion on the table.