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  1. #1 I am sick of the "severely debilitated with M.S." meme Ann Romney camp 
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    Those "compassionate" progressives, 'ya just gotta' love 'em!

    pkz (662 posts)

    I am sick of the "severely debilitated with M.S." meme Ann Romney camp

    8 yrs. ago a beautiful vibrant young new mother woke up to find that she could not stand. She literally collapsed to the floor. She could not feel her left arm or leg and totally blind in her left eye. She has no memory of her youth, all lost in this episode. After the MS diagnosis she was told that she has many lesions on her brain and spinal cord. She tried many treatments, with lots of side effects. She cannot get on her husbands insurance, must keep her job, work even when she doesn't feel like it to keep her own insurance. She has a prognosis that is not so good, she has 2 children and is only 35 yrs. old. A treatment is working IV infusion monthly at the cost of over 3000.00. This woman is my daughter.

    So this poster's as well as the responding DUmmie's ideology trumps all common decency, even though the OP has a family member suffering from the same disease. I shouldn't be suprised, they consider people like Mike Malloy to be a hero.
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    DU Doctor core checking in:

    Kalidurga (2,007 posts)

    2. I don't even know anyone with MS...

    and I am sick of it. I don't know to what extent Ann has symptoms. I do know they vary from person to person and she claims she is in remission. I am going to take heat for this. But, I think she doesn't really have MS.
    Yes, yes. Excellent. Keep it up DU.

    notadmblnd (16,202 posts)

    12. I think that too.

    All the people I've ever known or met (at least 3) were very sick with it, even on good days.
    Yes, she's a faking fakey faker. You've seen right through her master plan. Whatever the hell her master plan could possibly be.
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    Blasting someone for having M.S really hits a nerve with me. One of my best friends dad died from M.S. To hear those sleeze balls talk like that about it makes me want to hurt them.

    I can guarantee that if it was Mooch-elle with M.S., they would be having vigils for her, sending her prayers, sending her flowers, MSNBC would be having a fundraiser to help pay her hospital bills, and they would all be telling her how much they love her. I swear they are the must hypocritically immature douchebags on the face of this earth.

    I love my God, my country, my flag, and my troops ....
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    DUmmies just showing their true colors again. What else is new?
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    Pathetic and sad.
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    I'm sure it either has or will come up about Ann Romney having breast cancer, and I would like to remind us all the way DU treated Laura Ingraham when she had breast cancer. It was so bad that the sainted Elizabeth Edwards posted on DU taking them to task.

    DU is for low-life dregs of society who can't get normal people to talk to them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SarasotaRepub View Post
    Pathetic and sad.
    But pathetic and sad are SOP at the DUmp....along with hate, stupidity and lack of morality.
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