Wed Aug 1, 2012, 07:21 AM

DU is not representative of America any more

When I landed here over ten years ago it was.

But after Bush became president I tried warning posters here and friends I knew what was about to happen and what to do about it because I had survived through something very similar during 8 years of Reagan and I was well aware what was about to happen and I began to prepare for it early on.

My wife and I went from upper middle class to dirt poor during the 1980's so it was like deja vu to my wife and I. And when I say poor, I mean poor. Real poor. Welfare poor. Soup kitchen and food stamp poor. That poor. So we were pretty sure what was coming.

When Bush became president we were prepared for what was about to happen. Tried telling our two grown children what was about to happen too. One listened. One didn't. The one who listened did pretty good for herself. The one who didn't ended up bankrupt and in deep stuff with no end in sight for her. I had friends and family who I tried to tell too. Some of them listened and held their own. Some of them ignored what I was trying to tell them and they kept spending like it couldn't ever end for them. But it ended.

Same thing happened at DU. We used to have a lot of blue collar middle class posters here. But most of them are gone now. They lost their homes. Their Internet connections. They lost everything. And they are all pretty much gone from DU now.

Most of those posters stopped posting here over ten years ago. It wasn't their fault. They just didn't understand what was coming. Maybe they were too young? Or they weren't really effected by the 1980's and never thought it could happen to them until it was too late.

The majority of DUers we have left here now are upper middle class white collar workers who were able to weather the initial storm and hold on until now. But even some of them are in trouble now.

That is what happened.


Thanks Don!!! I can always count on one of you losers for an early morning giggle!!!