A few observations:

  • Smith refers to having shown up at CFA to talk to Rachel again, and said that she refused to see him. Does that constitute stalking? Where's the restraining order?
  • Smith claimed that Vante had received death threats against employees. If so, there clearly would have been police reports filed, as such threats constitute criminal acts. If that had happened, the media would have been all over it, and we'd be seeing headlines about antigay hatemongers threatening Vante's innocent employees. NBC or one of their affiliates would have presented an edited version of Smith's video, without the gutter language, and followed it up with audio of the death threats from the voice mails at Vante, if they existed. So, where's the media report? Sounds like a video bouncy to me.
  • Smith seems to be sorry that he lost his job, but he doesn't really seem to be very sorry for his actions. He makes a number of excuses and continues to claim that CFA brought it on by not toeing his approved line on gay marriage. That's not remorse, it's calculation.
  • Smith's voice and mannerisms seem a bit... shall we say, effeminate. He claimed to be straight in his video bullying, but the more that I see of this guy, the less I believe it.