Everything that obama has tried to use against Romney has backfired.

His 'gaffe' about the Olympics turned out to be true. So that was no gaffe. What he said in Israel about the Palestinians is true. Their culture is nothing but terrorists who blew themselves up to get those 72 virgins.

If you want to talk about 'gaffes' look at Biden. He has said some things that are really out there. In fact, every time he opens his mouth he says something stupid.

This whole thing, like stated above, is for the media to find anything and everything negative to say about Romney. If he donated $100 million to charity, the liberal media would find a way to make it out to be the worse than that anyone could do.

Which is why I said that Romney has to watch what he says and does. He has the whole MSM breathing down his neck to report the worst things they can about him. It is all in the way of trying to distract from obama record. And even Romney said, and knows, that. Which is why he is continuously bringing obama's record up.

I can't wait for the first debate. It should be interesting. I hope Romney backs obama into a corner with no where to run.