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    Some of the storys Ive been reading lately. All I can say is that some of them should come with some kind of disclamer:

    Warning: What you are about to read is fiction, not real news.

    Oh.. here comes one now.

    Propaganda poll shows Obama ahead

    A worthless new Quinnipiac poll gives Obama a big edge in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

    The survey shows Obama up 6 in Ohio and Florida and 11 in Pennsylvania. These are all bigger margins than Obama received when he won all three states in 2008 -- Florida (2.8%), Ohio (4.7%). Pennsylvania(10%). It seems unlikely that Obama would be doing better in these states than he did 4 years ago. If you look at page 9 of the detailed results provided by the pollster (now linked to the New York Times and CBS for these state polls), you get the answer for the odd results:

    Those surveyed revealed who they voted for in 2008. Here are the results by state (Page 9):

    Florida: Obama 53%, McCain 40%

    Ohio: Obama 53%, McCain 38%

    Pennsylvania: Obama 54%, McCain 40%.

    In other words, the bias towards Obama voters is 10% in Florida and Ohio, and 4% in Pennsylvania, compared to how people actually voted in these states in 2008.

    These results are as valuable as the media that sponsored them. It is a shame that Quinnipiac, which was once respected, has thrown in with the propagandists.


    Polling people to skew the polls like they're doing is really only hurting Democrats by letting them think that 0bama is sailing away with this election. So I guess the left is popping champagne for 0dummy about this?
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