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Flip schmip. People don't flip. They do experiment, but they don't flip. I had a male roommate once who practically bragged about having sex with lesbians. I'll translate that for you: he would go to the sleeziest bar in town, get roaring drunk with other alcoholics (and I suspect that drugs were involved as well) and then end up in some sexual situation which may or may not have included some woman trying to get pregnant by a handsome blond haired blue eyed drunk.

You are ignorant. I know gay people who brag about flipping. I know a few who were in bad heterosexual relationships who are now with gays. You should subscribe to Showtime and watch The Real "L" Word, a reality show depicting the lives of lesbians. Then come back and tell me that gays don't enjoy "flipping". I watched it a few times during a free promotion and it's a big game for them.