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I was being sarcastic to make a point-that pretty much everyone in the government signed on to this bill, so you should be blaming the ones you voted for as much as blame the ones I voted for.

I'm a liberal, but I'm not a communist. I don't support repealing any amendments. I was just pointing out that both sides appear to have supported this, and used an example of something that conservatives fear to make my point.
Tyranny is tyranny regardless of who voted for and signed the bill.

And if you're a liberal then you probably vote for liberal, demorat candidates, including 0blowme, which means that you support socialism/communism/marxism which means that you are a socialist/communist/marxist by default. Furthermore, if you voted for and support 0bozo then you subscribe to his agenda to 'fundamentally change' America which means repealing the 'negative' BoR's and replacing it with his 'positive' version.

Like I stated earlier, I wish that you libtard yankees would secede and form your commie utopia and leave us freedom loving Southrons alone.