I was wondering if other states have those tax free weekends for clothes, backpacks, school supplies? Yesterday and today I took advantage of the whopping 7% savings.

My haul yesterday included such mundane things as white-out tape, dividers for a notebook, and super glue. I'm way extravagant, hee hee.

Today was another story. It didn't say how big the kids were returning to school, so SR had a minor wardrobe adjustment. He got 4 pairs of shorts and 4 white knit casual shirts. The old stuff went into the Goodwill bag. I got a sweater at 40% off that matched a pair of capri pants that I got last week (also 40% off). The grandkids got some adorable outfits.

The economy must be getting a tad better. The store was swamped (Sears, nothing extravagant) with moms buying stuff for the kids to return to school. Or it could be a sign of desperation, where even the 7% savings was important to their back to school budgets.