Get ready to see a Democratic presidential campaign the likes of which this state has never seen.

Starting next week, some 400 specially trained Barack Obama campaign "fellows" will fan out across Florida, including the Tampa Bay area, for an intensive six weeks of registering voters, mobilizing volunteers, as well as working to bring Hillary Rodham Clinton supporters into the fold.

The Obama campaign has 20 paid organizers in the state ó compared to John McCain's two ó and within days is expected to name its Florida campaign team. With more than 150,000 Florida supporters signed up for volunteer duty, the campaign is talking about an unprecedented voter mobilization effort.

Much as the Bush-Cheney campaign roared to Florida victory in 2004 with neighbor-to-neighbor campaigning, the Obama campaign sees a volunteer army large enough not only to target key voting precincts, but even specific streets and blocks.

"Field programs have made a tremendous difference in races in Florida that were targeted, but this is going to be that on steroids. We've never seen a statewide effort like this before,'' said Kirk Wagar, Obama's Florida finance chairman.....