Lead Story
American bomber drops atomic bomb on Hiroshima, 1945
American Revolution
General Nicholas Herkimer falls at the Battle of Oriskany, 1777
Peugeot says au revoir to U.S. car market, 1991
Civil War
Confederate ship blown up by crew, 1862
Cold War
Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, 1945
Dutch Schultz is born, 1902
Joseph Force Crater becomes the missingest man in New York, 1930
Planes crashes in Guam jungle, 1997
General Interest
First draft of Constitution debated, 1787
First execution by electric chair, 1890
Andy Warhol is born, 1928
Lucille Ball born, 1911
“Breakfast Club” director John Hughes dies, 2009
George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones debuts, 1996
Isaac Hayes is born, 1942
Old West
Belle Starr's first husband slain, 1874
Johnson signs Voting Rights Act, 1965
Gertrude Ederle becomes first woman to swim English Channel, 1926
Vietnam War
Johnson Administration officials argue for resolution, 1964
Green Berets are charged with murder, 1969
First U.S. Army troops deployed to Vietnam stand-down for withdrawal, 1971
World War I
Allies land at Suvla Bay, 1915
World War II
Atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima, 1945