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  1. #1 1st-person video shows small plane crash from inside cockpit 
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    Quote Originally Posted by KomoNews
    BOISE, Idaho - Imagine living through a plane crash and having the video that captured it all.

    A local man shared his story this week with KBOI-TV, which is KOMO's sister station in Boise, after he and three others walked away from a single-engine plane crash in the Idaho wilderness.
    Komo News Link

    I just got watching the video. Absolutely amazing. If you are afraid to fly, don't watch this video.
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    High; Hot; Humid. Those are the three things that de-power aircraft to the point where they cannot gain altitude.

    They may go back and re-figure their apparent altitude and find there is no way that particular aircraft could make an altitude gain or a turn (that's when it failed) on that day from that airport carrying that load.

    They would not be the first to fail to do the math before takeoff. The Wichita State football team was killed that way:
    "The intentional operation of the aircraft over a mountain valley route at an altitude from which the aircraft could neither climb over the obstructing terrain ahead, nor execute a successful course reversal. Significant factors were the overloaded condition of the aircraft, the virtual absence of flight planning for the chosen route of flight from Denver to Logan, a lack of understanding on the part of the crew of the performance capabilities and limitations of the aircraft,.........
    In other words, when the plane left the ground it was doomed.
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