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  1. #1 Owned a couple of Dem douchebags today 
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    A few days ago on Twitter, this nitwit, a college professor, all but accused me of stealing the campaign signs for a Dem candidate for our state legislature. When I stated that he was toying with defamation, the guy said he'd be waiting for his "sub poeana." Yes, that's really how he spelled it.

    Jump to today. The Republican candidate running for re-election whom I support posted a message about her campaign signs being stolen. She didn't accuse anyone in particular of doing it, only saying about an SUV seen in the area. This same guy posted a message on Twitter that she accused her opponent of stealing signs and called it "gutter politics." I quickly grabbed screenshots of his earlier accusation against me and the "gutter politics" message and posted them together on his Twitter page. To his credit (barely), he immediately recognized his hypocrisy and backed down.

    This other guy, though, is doubling-down on stupidity. He attacked the same local Republican because she took out an ad on Facebook. He said only desperate candidates who know they're losing take out such ads. So, I got my Google-Fu on, searched for "obama facebook ad" and immediately -- LITERALLY! -- found an article about Obama having a Facebook ad. I pointed this fact out to the Dem and his only response has been moving the goalposts (saying it's not as likely for someone expecting to win to buy such ads, but not impossible) and continued attacks against me and another guy who was involved in the discussion.

    On a side note, my family and I finally got to meet my state representative tonight when she dropped off a lawn sign and stickers I asked for. All in all, it's been a pretty good day.
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