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  1. #1 "This Ought To Be Good ,China Trains Aviators for First Chinese Carrier ." 
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    "This Ought To Be Good ,China Trains Aviators for First Chinese Carrier ."

    "As Screwed Up As A Chinese Fire Drill .Can They Say Bonzai When They Launch ?

    China announced that its first class of carrier aviators had begun training at the Dalian Naval Academy. The naval officers will undergo a four year course of instruction to turn them into fighter pilots capable of operating off a carrier.

    The Russians have warned China that it may take them a decade or more to develop the knowledge and skills needed to efficiently run an aircraft carrier. "Never mind Running it How About Fighting it ?"

    The Chinese are game, and are slogging forward. "South China Sea SeaFood Alert !"

    China already has an airfield, in the shape of a carrier deck, built at an inland facility.

    They should have asked the French for help in the design.They are great at Designing Carriers, LOL !

    Originally the Kuznetsovs were conceived of as 90,000 ton, nuclear powered ships, similar to American carriers (complete with steam catapults). Instead, because of the cost, and the complexity of modern (American style) carriers, the Russians were forced to scale back their goals, and ended up with the 65,000 ton (full load ) ships that lacked steam catapults, and used a ski jump type flight deck instead.

    Nuclear power was dropped, but the Kuznetsov class was still a formidable design.

    The thousand foot long carrier normally carries a dozen navalized Su-27s (called Su-33s), 14 Ka-27PL anti-submarine helicopters, two electronic warfare helicopters and two search and rescue helicopters. But the ship can carry up to 36 Su-33s and sixteen helicopters.

    The ship carries 2,500 tons of aviation fuel, allowing it to generate 500-1,000 aircraft and helicopter sorties. Crew size is 2,500 (or 3,000 with a full aircraft load.)

    Only two ships of this class exist; the original Kuznetsov, which is in Russian service, and the Varyag. Currently, the Kuznetsov is operating in the Mediterranean.

    "It will make a great target for A Mk.48 if push comes to shove .Them Chinese are coastal sailors and The job calls for A Deep Blue water Navy !"
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