Franklin Rainesí Criminal Enterprise and Barack Obama, His Accomplice **UPDATE**

This is an eye-opener. Iíve simply added Years in Congress and divided total Fraudie

Mae and Fraudie Mac donations by that number to rank the top 15 recipients by $ per Year. Obama is winner by a ton:

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As an executive at Fannie Mae, Franklin Raines illegally coerced his employees to falsify accounting facts so heíd get a maximum bonus. The government-backed firm used Enron-like fraud, in part at Rainesís orders, to create the largest bail-out in US history. Raines had the whistleblower fired. From the Heritage Foundation:

In 2004, after a tip from a whistle blower who was later fired, the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight (Ofheo) issued a report finding that the government-sponsored entity Fannie Mae had engaged in Enron-like accounting machinations that allowed Fannie to overstate its earnings and underestimate the risk the company faced. The accounting wizardry Fannie engaged in was designed so that Fannie could meet profit targets tomaximize bonus payments to company executives like Clinton administration deputy attorney general Jamie Gorelick and Carter administration assistant director for domestic policy Franklin Raines.

From the ACU:

Following his tenure in Democrat Bill Clintonís White House as Budget Director, Raines returned to Fannie Mae where he served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer prior to being forced out over accounting fraud allegations that federal authorities claimed were used to pad his own pocket with tens of millions of dollars in un-earned bonuses on top of his multi-million dollar pay. Raines and other top executives drew multi-million dollar salaries at Fannie Mae for many years.

Although he claimed no wrong doing, Raines agreed to settle the suit with the federal government just this year and agreed to pay back a few million of the near $50 million it had been alleged he obtained illegally through bonuses not due from Fannie Mae.

Now, this criminal is Barack Obamaís campaign adviser. Only one member of Congress, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, received more kickbacks from Rainesís Fannie Mae cronies than did Barack ObamaĖover $120,000 in bribes.

Campaign Contributions, 1989-2008 (source)

Name Office State Party Grand Total Total from
PACs Total from
Dodd, Christopher J S CT D $165,400 $48,500 $116,900
Obama, Barack S IL D $126,349 $6,000 $120,349

Dodd has been in Congress since Moses was a baby. What did Obama do in 2.5 years to earn nearly as much cash from Frannie and Freddie as Dodd earned in 25?

Remember Countrywide? According to BusinessWeek Obamaís financial adviser, Raines, was responsible for its demise, too:

The Countrywide project deemed, ďfriends of AngeloĒ or FoA, standing for Friends of Countrywide Chief Executive Angelo Mozilo, apparently provided special loan rates for connected officials. These included Raines, James Johnson (a Democratic party activist and adviser to Sen. Barack Obama who was named to a panel to help choose Obamaís Vice Presidential running mate), Democrat Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, Senator Christopher Dodd, and the chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, Democrat Kent Conrad.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac control almost 50 percent of all mortgages in the United States.

They were started by Democrats, protected by Democrat, funded by Democrats, and absorbed into the government proper at the behest of their paid hacks in the Democrat party. Conservatives have advocated the demolition of these twin towers of corruption, fraud, and bribery for decades.

But Democrats blocked every attempt to even hold hearings on corruption in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

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