Some Establishment GOP Consultants Don't Want the Romney-Ryan Ticket to Win

RUSH: Now, folks, stop what you're doing and look at me for a second. There are two stories out today, one from and the other from Politico. They essentially say the same thing. The Hill: "Republicans strategists are worried that Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-Wis.) addition to the presidential ticket will cost their party House and Senate seats this fall. Their concern: Democrats will successfully demonize Ryan’s budget plan, which contains controversial spending cuts and changes to Medicare." >>>

They are just petrified that Ryan is such a bad pick that he's going to lose the Senate. He loses any chance of the Republicans winning the Senate and may cause the Democrats to win the House. Now, here's the question: Is this true or is this a story that and the Politico have had waiting in the drawer for any nominee, and then they just plugged in the name and changed some of the reasons? Because have we ever seen any articles in or the Politico or anywhere else in the Drive-By Media about how Obamacare would hurt the Democrats in 2010?

Did we ever see such a story?

Were there nameless Democrats who called up and the Politico and said, "Hey, psst? I don't want to go on record here with my name but let me tell you something: We're going to get creamed. This Obamacare is going to destroy us. I'm really worried we're going to lose the House in 2010." Did we ever see that story? We never do, do we? We never see stories where unnamed Democrat consultants are worried that something Obama's doing or Biden's doing or that they're doing together is really, really going to be problematic, really hurt the Democrats.

We got this story after Palin was nominated, except now we know the names. We know with Palin it was happening. We know that there were Republicans undermining her from the day she was nominated. There were Republicans who were assigned to her during that campaign who tried to undermine her. There were people on the Republican side who helped spread this idea that she was a dolt. So it is believable to me on one level that we have some Republicans who are worried about Ryan.

But they're really not worried that he's going to cause us to lose the Senate, and they're really not worried that he's going to cause us to lose the House. What they're worried about is that the conservative wing of the party is going to be able to lay claim to victory here. And that they -- these unnamed establishment Republican consultants and what have you, they -- are the ones who are going to lose their positions of power and influence because they aren't on board with this.

So I don't for a moment... The Republican Party, you and I both know, has in it some saboteurs. We know it from four years ago. We know that the Republican establishment is made up of many people who dislike conservatives almost as much as the Democrats do. >>>

Why do they not understand it's Obama and the Democrats who are the opposition? What's in it for them for the Democrats to win? And when you answer that question, then you'll have an idea what's going on. What's in it for these Republicans for the Democrats to win? And make no mistake: There are Republicans happy to be losers if it keeps them in the money and in positions of power in a second-tier party, as opposed to out of power in a first-tier party. >>>


RUSH: Here is an excerpt from the Politico piece. I gave you an excerpt from piece earlier. Here's the Politico piece: "[T]here is an unmistakable consensus among Republican operatives..." unmistakable consensus! "in Washington: Romney has taken a risk with Ryan that has only a modest chance of going right -- and a huge chance of going horribly wrong." Maybe it's time we hired some other Republican operatives and sent these operatives packing. Talk about being on the wrong page.



Some of these GOP 'strategists' just need to turn in their man cards and hide in a very dark place until after November is over. Apparently theyre more worried about their own cushy little life on the DC circuit than the future of what was once the greatest force for good among all nations in all of mankinds puny history on this planet. These worthless weasels and cowards dont seem to have a clue that Saving Private Sector Ryan is going to be the blockbuster of the year.