This has been a worrisome bill. It would have extended to the current anti discrimination law to include homosexuals and transgendered. A person would merely have to feel that he is a female to expect to be treated as a female. Referring to them as a male could be considered a violation of their protections by not recognizing their assumed gender. It would have forced non secular institutions to possibly violate their ethical values. The protections already exist under the current laws so it was determined that extending them would establish a special class of protected people within the protected class.

Homosexuals and transgendered people won’t get any "special" treatment in Jacksonville, Fla.
The Jacksonville City Council overwhelmingly rejected the controversial proposed 2012-296 “non-discrimination” ordinance.

Ordinance 296 created a new protected class and special rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and persons of any “gender identity or expression.”

“This is an extraordinary victory for the people of Jacksonville who rose up and made it clear they were not going to allow some secret council of elite powerbrokers or activists from outside Jacksonville to force extreme policies upon them,” says John Stemberger, president and general counsel of the Florida Family Policy Council (FFPC). “I could not be more proud of the local residents who worked so hard to create a citywide movement to defeat this disaster of an ordinance.”

If passed, the measure would have created a cause of action for money damages against private citizens by gay identified and others who felt they were being treated unfairly in workplace, housing and public accommodations.
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