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I wonder if he will bill the estate for the bullet?
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174,000 divided by 295 = 589 divided by 12 months = 49 rounds used per person per month. So the agents use 49 rounds per month for practice? Or are these their "active / on duty" rounds and they use others for range target practice?
Here is my problem with this: Why does the SSA have 295 armed agents? I can see the FBI, or the NSA, DEA, ICE or some of the other law-enforcement agencies, but the Social Security Administration doesn't have a law enforcement mission. For that matter, why does the Department of Education have a SWAT Team? The FBI has an extremely long training program for its armed agents, as do the US Marshalls, the DOD and any other federal police agency. Are the SSA agents police officers? Where are they trained? What is their jurisdiction? Can they make arrests of persons not receiving Social Security benefits? Can they enforce other federal laws? Can they enforce state laws?

The proliferation of armed federal agencies is as disturbing as the presence of a standing army would have been for the founders. Most of these armed agents should not be assigned to their respective agencies. Any Federal Agency that requires armed escorts can put in a request to the US Marshall's Office, and if they need investigators, they can take their cases to the FBI (I believe that the "I" stands for, you know, Investigation).