Police Search For Meth Cook Named Walter White

In what could be described as television coming to life, a US man with the same name as the main character in Breaking Bad is being hunted by police for allegedly manufacturing methamphetamine.

Local sheriffs in Alabama have placed Walter White at the top of their most wanted list and say he turned to a life of crime in 2008, around the same time the fictional methamphetamine cook he shares a name with hit TV screens, Tuscaloosa News reports.

White, 55, was first arrested in 2008 for various drug offences including trafficking and manufacturing methamphetamine.

Police say he violated his parole in January and began making more drugs.

White was arrested again but has been on the run since he failed to show up for his court hearing.

In the TV series Breaking Bad, Walter White – a high school chemistry teacher – begins producing methamphetamine after he is diagnosed with lung cancer.



Is the suspects name actually Heisenberg?